Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finally here!

I have just spend my first full day in Uganda!

We arrived at UCU late last night, got to our dorm rooms and went to sleep almost right away.

Today, we spent the day adjusting to UCU, sleeping off our jet lag, and having some orientation time. The best part of the day was hiking "Monkey Hill", where people go to camp out, pray without disturbing others and observe monkeys and amazing views. The sad part of the day was discovering that very few toilets here have toilet paper or a toilet seat. Of the two toilets in our dorm, one is a "sitter" and one is a "squatter" :( Oh well! The food has been good, lots of starches and cooked fruit, like mashed bananas.

I am really looking forward to Saturday when we will leave at five am for our fifteen hour bus ride to Rwanda. We are going to spend a week there just traveling and learning about genocide firsthand. I am anticipating a beautiful landscape and a disturbing educational experience.

Thank you for your love and prayers! I don't miss America but I do miss the people that I love! The solution to that problem is for you all to come here!!! :)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Five, Four, Three, Two, One!

I am leaving for Uganda in five days!

Q. Are you excited?
A. Umm, I guess. definition of excited is: stirred emotionally; agitated. On second thought, maybe not. I know that I will be stirred emotionally but as of yet, I'm not. I'm also not agitated, though lately I have been sad thinking about what I will be missing while I am in Uganda: three weddings, one baby being born, my brother coming home on leave, and many friends at school that I haven't seen since May!

Q. Are you ready?
A. Not yet, but I will be. I have been slowly accumulating everything I will need and have gotten great deals on suitcases and shoes, yay! I still have a lot of little things to get and I still need to get my meningitis immunization :( But my list is manageable so I know I will be ready by Monday.

I know that I am ready spiritually, especially after five weeks at camp. I learned during those weeks that God, and only God, can equip me and prepare me for anything. I consider the work I did to have been good and successful and instead of being prideful because of what I did, I have been blessed to realize how powerful and great my God is. My favorite song at camp is Only You:

W: Only You M: Can shake the mountains
W: Only You M: Can calm the oceans
W: Only You M: Can hold the heavens.
All: In the palm of your hand.

M: Tell me who W: Can look inside me
M: Tell me who W: Can purify me
M: Tell me who W: Still loves me deeply
All: More than I understand...only You.

With a word You spoke the heavens into place
Scattered the stars and gave the earth it's frame.
What is man that You should touch him with Your grace?
And who am I, O God, that You should know my name?

I want this to be my prayer and my meditation for my entire trip. That I would be constantly reminded of who I am and who God is.